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Cleaning Show 2017 Innovation Awards

P-Wave were short listed for new invention at the Cleaning Show 2017 Innovation Awards with the New Trough Screen. This is totally unique to P-Wave and is designed to be used in all those Trough urinals out there. Why not give us a call to see what it can do to make your Trough smell lovely!

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Loo of the Year 017

Loo of the year

2016 was the third time that P-Wave have exhibited and we now feel part of the family. Mike Bone, the event organiser, does a great job to promote how to get the best from your facility and washrooms. We like to think that P-Wave helps which is why so many visitors call us to find out more.

trough screen spotted

Trough screen spotted

The Trough Screen is certainly proving popular! Recently installed by distributors in Norwich, Spectrum Hygiene – the Whalebone Pub wanted to enhance their new Trough using the only purpose made Trough Screen.