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P-Wave launch the GermErase 24hr range

P-Wave has launched GermErase 24hr, a powerful new, scientifically-proven disinfectant that destroys bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which causes Covid-19) – killing it in under 30 seconds.

“For over a decade, P-Wave has built an enviable reputation as a respected innovator in the air freshening industry,” says P-Wave sales & marketing manager Mark Wintle.

“As a direct result of the pandemic, health, hygiene and above all, safety, is now at the top of everyone’s agenda – and in premises, people need to feel as safe as possible. So, P-Wave has evolved, and our message is now ‘Protect and Refresh’.

“At P-Wave, we’re renowned for bringing innovation to the cleaning sector and after noticing a real lack of ‘fit for purpose’ products when it comes to sanitising, especially during a pandemic, we decided to partner with GermErase to offer a range that is unrivalled in the marketplace,” says Mark.

“Many of the widely used sanitising products in the marketplace require several minutes of contact time in order to be fully effective, but GermErase 24hr kills the virus which causes Covid-19 in under 30 seconds, and offers up to 99.999% efficacy against pathogens. It delivers a residual protective effect for 24 hours on surfaces, protects hands between washes and has a lower chemical footprint with 99.3% water.

“GermErase 24hr has been approved for use on both skin and surfaces, making it a versatile product for environments such as hospitality, retail, care settings and education. For use on hands, it is dispensed using a foaming pump, which delivers a gentle foam that feels pleasant on the skin, with no odour and no sticky feel. It protects hands from germs between washes and has none of the drying effects that can be experienced from alcohol gels or sprays.”

GermErase 24hr should be used daily on surfaces to keep them clear of pathogens and between hand washes to keep hands germ-free. On surfaces, it can be used in a trigger spray or fogging machine, delivering 24 hour protection against pathogens once dry.

P-Wave will be exhibiting GermErase 24hr at The London Cleaning Show at ExCel from Tuesday 2nd to Thursday 4th November, 2021.

Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Show 2022


We’re excited to be exhibiting at HRC 2022, from 21st – 23rd March at London’s ExCel. It’s a huge exhibition, but as always you’ll be able to smell us from a mile off! We’re located in the hygiene pavilion area on stand P276, which is very close to the skills theatre. This year we’ll be showcasing the new GermErase 24hr range, along with some pretty awesome air fresheners. We’ll offering advice and best practices on how you can protect and refresh to improve the customer experience and increase confidence. Come along and say hi to the team.

P-Wave® launch biodegradable Slant6 Urinal Screen

The all new Slant6 screen from P-Wave® is another huge step forward in terms of urinal deodorising technology. With the same high fragrance load synonymous with P-Wave® urinal screens, the  Slant6 consistently outperforms many other 30 day urinal mats and best of all will keep walls, floors and trousers dry, thanks to the unique virtually ‘zero splash’ angled bristle design. P-Wave® urinal screens are the only brand in the UK that feature the anti-splash technology on both sides of the screen, so the products cannot be installed incorrectly. At P-Wave® we’re passionate about the environment and that’s why, despite being one of the most fragrant 30 day urinal screens on the market, the  Slant6 also has a lower plastic content than many others and whilst the product is 100% recyclable, it also contains the Ecopure™ additive for faster biodegradation should it find its way to landfill*. As with all P-Wave® urinal screens, beneficial bacteria help deodorise the drain below the surface and the  Slant6 is also compatible with waterless urinals.

*Ecopure™ treated products show significantly accelerated biodegradation compared to untreated plastics. The Slant6 is currently being tested under plastic anaerobic biodegradation testing (ASTM D 5511) and after 175 days there is 15.7% biodegradation. We are continuing the test for an additional 555 days and, based on previous lab results, expect the biodegradation will increase to between 50% and 70% biodegraded in 2 years. Final biodegradation results are affected by local environmental conditions.


At a glance:
• The same high fragrance load synonymous with P-Wave® urinal screens
• Contains the EcoPure® additive for faster biodegradation at landfill
• Less plastic – Fits more urinals than any previous generation of P-Wave urinal screen
• Hundreds of ‘splash-eliminating’ slant bristles keep walls; floors; and trousers dry
• ‘Anyway up’ double-sided design ensures correct installation every time
• Contains beneficial bacteria to help deodorise the drain below the surface
• Compatible with waterless urinals
• Low VOC’s
• 100% recyclable
• Easy to install



P-Wave® win big at the Cleaning Show Innovation Awards!

The brand New MyFresh system from P-Wave® has won the washroom hygiene innovation award at the 2019 cleaning show in London. Over sixty products and services were entered in the awards and these were narrowed down to four finalists in each category. The overall winners of the bi-annual awards were decided by an independent panel of nine industry experts.

Stan Atkins, Chairman of the British Cleaning Council said: “It’s been another fantastic year for the Innovation Awards and the decision-making process was very hard due to the exceptionally high standard of entries. However, the judges felt these eight submissions were the best in their respective categories and all demonstrated an innovative, creative and practical approach to product or service development.” 

MyFresh is available to order now! Contact sales@p-wave.co.uk for additional information.