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Maintaining a healthy workplace

Maintaining a healthy workplace


A virus on a single door handle can spread through a building in just a few hours”

 P-Wave® Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Wintle

Preventing the spread of illness in the workplace is critical for productivity and there is understandably a current global focus on preventative health measures to minimise exposure to viruses.

Hygiene in the workplace starts with hand hygiene. It is estimated that over 90% of adults do not wash their hands for long enough to thoroughly clean away bacteria and viruses, and according to a 2019 report from Mintel, 15% of young men in the UK do not think it is important to wash their hands after using the toilet.

Mintel also found that only 72% of males aged 16-34 think it’s important to wash their hands after coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose, compared to 85% of Brits aged 55 and over.

“It is estimated that 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch, so basic hand hygiene through adequate washing and drying is at the heart of reducing risk in a premises,” said Mark. “But if even only a small percentage of employees or visitors do not wash their hands properly, think about what they touch next. A virus on a single door handle can spread through a building in just a few hours, so I certainly think twice before grabbing a toilet door handle!

P-Wave® features two products in its Purehold range. P-Hold is an innovative, antibacterial door handle cover, which can be easily installed onto pull door handles, while P-Plate is an innovative, antibacterial push plate that can be fitted to doors using the fixings supplied.

“Both these Purehold products kill 99.9% of bacteria using silver ion-coated technology to combat pathogens deposited onto the surface by users and then works continuously, 24/7,” said Mark.

The robust and sturdy P-Hold can be snapped on to any pull door in less than 30 seconds and requires no tools or experience. Once installed, it will last for 6 months with a visual indicator to inform staff when it needs changing. Meanwhile P-Plate lasts 12 months, with visual indicator to tell staff when it needs changing.

“So, while P-Wave® is best known for its innovative urinal screens and air fresheners, we see and solve the bigger picture by also offering the Purehold range,” said Mark.

P-Wave® will be exhibiting the Purehold range alongside its industry leading urinal screens and passive and active air fresheners at The Manchester Cleaning Show – at Event City, Manchester from 25th to 26th March 2020.

P-Wave brings sustainable freshness to the Manchester Cleaning Show

Exhibition stand

If you’re looking for air fresheners that really pack a punch, then visit Stand H01 at The Manchester Cleaning Show – at Event City, Manchester from 25th to 26th March 2020 – to meet P-Wave®.


From highly-fragranced urinal screens to active and passive air fresheners, P-Wave® products enhance the washroom experience in thousands of premises every day.

P-Wave® has now delivered a new angle on splash prevention and a major step forward in terms of urinal deodorising technology with the launch of its new Slant6 urinal screen.


“As innovators in the air freshening industry, P-Wave® has continually raised the bar in terms of urinal screen technology and we are proud to announce that our new 5th generation Slant6 screen is another massive step forward,” said P-Wave® Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Wintle. “With less plastic, a smaller size to fit more urinals and market leading splash-elimination, the Slant6 reinforces why P-Wave® is the number one brand of urinal screen in the UK.”


The 100% recyclable Slant6 has the highest ratio of fragrance load to plastic than any other urinal screen, and consistently outperforms all other 30-day urinal screens. Better still, its unique angled bristle design virtually eliminates ‘splash’, keeping walls, floors and trousers dry. Slant6 is easy to install, featuring an ‘anyway-up’ design which ensures correct installation every time.


“At P-Wave® we’re passionate about the environment and recognise that we have a social responsibility to introduce eco-friendly products to the marketplace,” said Mark Wintle. “There really is no planet B! And that’s why, despite being the most fragrant on the market, the Slant6 has the lowest plastic content of any premium competing urinal mat. And while the product is designed with waste recycling in mind, it also includes an additive that ensures faster biodegradation, should it find its way to landfill.


“Representing a significant breakthrough in sustainability, Slant6 has replaced our previous best-selling 1.5 urinal screen, helping our customers improve their environmental credentials. Slant6 really is the most eco-friendly, highly fragranced urinal screen on the market!”


As with all P-Wave® urinal screens, billions of beneficial bacteria help deodorise the drain below the surface and the screens are also compatible with waterless urinals. Slant6 is available in six fragrances: Honeysuckle; Ocean Mist; Mango; Spiced Apple; and the newly introduced Cucumber & Melon and Cotton Blossom.


In addition to its market-leading urinal screens, P-Wave also supplies a range of highly fragranced passive and powered air fresheners which will also be on display at The Manchester Cleaning Show.

P-Wave® launch biodegradable Slant6 Urinal Screen

The all new Slant6 screen from P-Wave® is another huge step forward in terms of urinal deodorising technology. With the same high fragrance load synonymous with P-Wave® urinal screens, the  Slant6 consistently outperforms many other 30 day urinal mats and best of all will keep walls, floors and trousers dry, thanks to the unique virtually ‘zero splash’ angled bristle design. P-Wave® urinal screens are the only brand in the UK that feature the anti-splash technology on both sides of the screen, so the products cannot be installed incorrectly. At P-Wave® we’re passionate about the environment and that’s why, despite being one of the most fragrant 30 day urinal screens on the market, the  Slant6 also has a lower plastic content than many others and whilst the product is 100% recyclable, it also contains the Ecopure™ additive for faster biodegradation should it find its way to landfill*. As with all P-Wave® urinal screens, beneficial bacteria help deodorise the drain below the surface and the  Slant6 is also compatible with waterless urinals.

*Ecopure™ treated products show significantly accelerated biodegradation compared to untreated plastics. The Slant6 is currently being tested under plastic anaerobic biodegradation testing (ASTM D 5511) and after 175 days there is 15.7% biodegradation. We are continuing the test for an additional 555 days and, based on previous lab results, expect the biodegradation will increase to between 50% and 70% biodegraded in 2 years. Final biodegradation results are affected by local environmental conditions.


At a glance:
• The same high fragrance load synonymous with P-Wave® urinal screens
• Contains the EcoPure® additive for faster biodegradation at landfill
• Less plastic – Fits more urinals than any previous generation of P-Wave urinal screen
• Hundreds of ‘splash-eliminating’ slant bristles keep walls; floors; and trousers dry
• ‘Anyway up’ double-sided design ensures correct installation every time
• Contains beneficial bacteria to help deodorise the drain below the surface
• Compatible with waterless urinals
• Low VOC’s
• 100% recyclable
• Easy to install



P-Wave® Supporting the Loo Of The Year Awards 2020

For the third year running, P-Wave® will be supporting the Loo Of The Year Awards 2020!

The Awards have a simple objective, namely, to encourage the highest possible standards in all ‘away from home’ washrooms. Everyone has a shared responsibility to make this happen – washroom providers, managers, washroom providers, contractors, staff, visitors and customers – all washroom users.

The Awards are owned and run independently and since their introduction in 1987 the annual Loo of the Year Awards competition has strived to focus the spotlight on recognising and rewarding the very best washrooms throughout the UK and Ireland. It is considered the ‘washroom standard’ and a Loo of the Year Award is an established benchmark of washroom provision and compliance to national standards.


P-Wave® win big at the 2019 Cleaning Show Innovation Awards!

The brand New MyFresh system from P-Wave® has won the washroom hygiene innovation award at the 2019 cleaning show in London. Over sixty products and services were entered in the awards and these were narrowed down to four finalists in each category. The overall winners of the bi-annual awards were decided by an independent panel of nine industry experts.

Stan Atkins, Chairman of the British Cleaning Council said: “It’s been another fantastic year for the Innovation Awards and the decision-making process was very hard due to the exceptionally high standard of entries. However, the judges felt these eight submissions were the best in their respective categories and all demonstrated an innovative, creative and practical approach to product or service development.” 

MyFresh is available to order now! Contact sales@p-wave.co.uk for additional information.