Tidal Wave

Highly fragranced 60 day urinal screen with superior splash-elimination

Now you can provide gents visiting your washroom the ultimate urinal experience with a product that not only gives your toilets an amazing fragrance but also virtually eliminates the dreaded splash-back from the urinal.  The Tidal Wave is perfect for those looking to reduce the frequency of urinal screen changes.  It features bristles on both sides to eliminate splash-back, ensuring walls, floors and most importantly trousers are kept dry.  The unique “anyway up” design also ensures correct installation and the benefits of the anti-splash technology every single time.  Tidal Wave also features beneficial bacteria that deodorise the drain below the surface.

  • Our highest fragrance load ensures 60 day endurance and superb odour control
  • Hundreds of surface bristles prevent splashback, keeping walls, floors & trousers dry
  • Unique “Anyway up” design with bristles on both sides for correct installation every-time
  • Beneficial bacteria help deodorise the drain below the surface
  • Low VOC (Europe Compliant)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to install
  • Safe to use in waterless urinals
  • Reminder tabs can be removed on install, so you know when to change



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